Por gracia recibida

Inspired by a vibrant mix of religious tradition, indigenous cultures and modern Mexican history, RocĂ­o embraces their common but also their contrasting traits in her work. Courage, strength but also contradiction of modern Mexican culture are common themes in her art.
By revisiting an entirely female hagiography across times and geographies-Saint Lucy, Saint Agatha to Our Lady Guadalupe patron of Mexico, Rocio creates and shares a personal and intimate iconography, based on the very structure and definition of a hybrid character, depicting a woman, a saint but also victim, a pagan, a mother, a warrior.
This exhibition is the result of a personal philological approach where concepts are intertwined in the most practical of manners by the choosing and the mixing of very specific natural pigments and other symbolic ingredients such as incense, blood, ash and tea.
Rocio’s intentions are to recreate a constant ritual inspired by the first creative act of production to trigger a sensory experience, a sort of shamanic celebration in which each of us is invited to participate.